How To Release Disempowering Dating and Relationship Habits- Day 327: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh shit! called it! saying all men are the same is just another form of stereotyping, and as children of the revolution, it is pertinent to cut these bad habits out of our lives for good.

The Radical Self Love Project

I have a very exciting announcement lovers!! For the next six weeks leading up to the release of the ebook I am going to write two related articles to chapters in the book every week.

The first one: how to release disempowering dating and Relationship habits

When we become aware of the less than favourable antics of our ego inside relationships we can begin the journey to more conscious love and partnership. Single? This means more success, harmony and higher calibre dateable options. Attached? This means more success, harmony and authentic intimate connection with your partner.

When we practice detached awareness we can begin to see the crap our ego pulls in dating and relationship land. From there we jump start the process of acceptance. It is from that new juicy space of awareness and acceptance where we can actually begin to shift these patterns.

A common circumstance I find…

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