Location: Makai coffee, Long Beach, California

Time: December 24th, 2013, 4:25 pm

Currently feeling: Introspective, content, and having the desire to work on my bike or dance or create something. Also kind of hungry and tired, but I am just getting into this blogging thing!

Some would say that it is Christmas Eve, that I am a scrooge or something for sitting at the only coffee shop in Long Beach that is still open at this hour on the computer. I would say back to them, guess what, folks! Not everyone on this planet, or even in this country, celebrates your bullshit holiday! It is just another day to me, just like they all are. I wake up, drink some water, start making breakfast, and decide what I want to do with my day, which usually has nothing to do with what the rest of the population is deciding to do at that moment, so why should this day be any different? I could not give less fucks about this stupid consumption encouraging “holy” day. Well actually, I probably could give a little less of a fuck. As it stands currently, the fact that the entire country shuts down for two days a year so that children can be taught that the only way to show your love is by giving people material possessions, further entangling their impressionable young minds with the concept that the only path to happiness is enslavement in the capitalistic system that we all live in….. that still pisses me off pretty good. Despite all of that, though, I’m feeling pretty balanced and optimistic right now!

I am sitting in a ridiculously expensive coffee shop, and my stomach is rumbling, and I’m trying to get the most internet usage our of the coffee I bought four hours ago. Then I’ll head home to start cooking dinner and work on my bike. In case you were unaware, ‘home’ for me is a 1966 Los Angeles city transit bus that myself and my two sisters, Natalie and Jamie, have turned into our eco-conscious home on wheels. We hail from Austin, TX, where we met a little over two years ago when all three of us found ourselves suddenly and irrevocably immersed in the Occupy movement. The changes we have undergone together since that pivotal time are vast and inexpressible. We founded a collective called R.O.O.T.S, raised chickens, grew gardens, taught all we knew about permaculture to the surrounding community, and learned about what it really means to work and live cooperatively with a diverse group of people. About a year ago, the three of us decided it was time for a change, and we began to dream of the next chapter: traveling together. We bought the first bus we looked at out in a pasture in Arkansas and did all of the building and renovating necessary to call this bus our home. And here we are, four months after leaving our home town bubble of Austin to explore what this land has to offer us. We’re calling this current project R.A.G.E: Radical Adventures for a Greener Earth. You can check out our bus adventure blog here:

Hey. My name is Caitlin and this is my personal blog documenting this crazy roller coaster ride, this colorful tapestry, called life. Sure, I’m actually on the road, but we are all on a journey. On my particular journey, there will probably be a lot of crafting, some jamming to music, and of course dancing. There will be many cooking and baking experiments as I learn how to use our wood burning stove that we have yet to install in the bus. There will be many tears and many triumphs. I’d like to share a few of them with you here.


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